Kashmir Shaivism is a theistic philosophy that identifies Parma Shiva ( Parma i.e. Supreme and Shiva i.e. Auspicious One)  as the Absolute, Infinite, and Pure Consciousness who is beyond the reach of  mind and intellect. It is also known as the Pure Trika system. It is ‘the three-fold science of man and his world.’

Kashmir Shaivism is a philosophy meant for any human being without restriction of caste, creed, color or gender. It is divine wisdom conveyed in an unconventional way, a direct path of self-recognition of one’s true Shiva nature.

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Pratyabhijna System – Liberation

Liberation according to this system means the re-cognition (pratyabhijna) of one’s true nature which means in other words the attainment of akrtrima-aham-vimarsa – the original, innate, pure I-consciousness. By this real I-consciousness, one attains Cidananda Read more…


As the ocean chooses to “limit itself” and transforms into vapors and then to cloudsfinally to snow, hail or rainand back through the little streamsjoyously flowing through mountains and valleyshappy and dancing through the transactions Read more…

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