A colorless screen while watching a movie may assume all colors and thus appear as a person, landscape or building, but never actually becomes any of these.
Likewise, I, the light of pure Knowing, vibrate within Myself and, as a result, assume all apparently limited names and forms, without ever actually becoming a limited object, Self or world.

Our belief is that universe came first then the body then mind and something called consciousness appeared later, but our experience is totally different.
Let us take example of our body, what is our body, a bundle of sensations, we can experience it by closing our eyes. When we try to locate the location of those sensations they seem to be  emanating from a place-less place within us where all thoughts, perceptions arise from.

When we try to go deeper,  we realize that these sensations are known by our KNOWING and they are just sensations. Our mind and thoughts are labeling them as the body. Other than that they are just sensations. When we go deeper we realize it is just the KNOWINGNESS which is ever present has no beginning or end.


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