These writings are inspirations which come out of profound gratitude to all the masters and to Lord Para Bhairava Himself who woke me up from my dream – Shambhavi



स्वेच्छया स्वभित्तौ विश्वमुन्मीलयति॥२||
Svecchayā svabhittau viśvamunmīlayati||2||
I woke up from a dream after I heard and contemplated on this second Sutra of Pratyabhijnahrdayam. I felt this sweet joy arising in me and I spend the rest of afternoon and the next two days smiling and laughing. I could clearly see the absurdity of my old thought patterns and the reality of everything around me.
This Sutra states that Chaitanya, which is the ultimate reality of everything , because of its own will unfolds the universe on its own wall or screen .This entire world is an emanation of Chaitanya on its wall due its free will.

Wow! remember the nursery rhyme :Row Row ,row your boat gently down the stream , merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Life is but a dream. We are all sleepwalking in this dream until we wake up and recognize our true nature which is this self aware awareness , known as Chaitanya in Kashmir Shaivism. Chaitanya is the word used to describe this independent state of God consciousness.

Everything emanates from Chaitanya and dissolves back into Chaitanya. This supreme God consciousness also known as Param Shiva manifests this world by its own free will, svatantra shakti, so He can experience Himself.

The highest order of yogis experience the state of Jagadananda as described in Kashmir Shaivism. जयन्तिजगदानन्दविपक्षक्षपणक्षमाः।(Malinivijyottara).

A true yogi experiences I am this undivided, infinite, eternal “ I “ and everything emanates from this I and dissolves back into this I.
I become the sight, I become the sound, I become the taste, I become the touch, I become the smell, I become the thought and so on. The body, mind: all perception, thoughts, emotions and feelings come and go in this “I” . Everything is a divine play or Leela of Chaitanyam .Everything we experience is transient.But the joy one experiences as Chaitanya is real, eternal and substratum of all experience, as one gets established in this blissful state Universality and simply enjoys this divine play.
Om Chaitanyam Namah.


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