Ultimate Reality ( Cit or Parasamvit) – Universal Consciousness – Universal Psychic Energy or Power

Cit / Parasamvit is the changeless principle of all changing experience. It is Para- Samvit (The Highest or Supreme Consciousness). It is non relational , no subject or object relation, no knower & known duality

Immediacy of feeling where neither the ‘ I ‘ , nor the ‘This’ is distinguished

Ultimate Reality or Supreme Self is the Self Sciring or Surveying Itself which is called Vimarsa. (Can be referenced as Self Aware Awareness as well)

It is this pure I-consciousness or Vimarsa that is responsible for the manifestation, maintenance and re-absorption of the universe.

Cit scires itself as Cidrupini Sakti. This sciring itself as Cidrupini Sakti is Vimarsa. Vimarsa has been named as Parasakti, Paravak, Svatantrya, Aisvarya, Kartrtva, Sphuratta, Sara, Hrdaya, Spanda

The Prakāśa-Vimarśa couple – Light (Prakāśa) is the essence of Śiva. Its function is to illuminate, to make manifest. However as per Kashmir Shaivism  nature of Prakāśa is “self apprehension”, or, to reflect upon itself. “If the supreme light were devoid of this free and spontaneous self-referential capacity, it would be powerless and inert”. Prakāśa and Vimarśa form a couple at the supreme level, identified respectively with Śiva and Śakti.


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