Manifestation – the Universe  – the World Process.

Ultimate Reality has infinite power and contains in a potential form all that is ever likely to be

Svabhava or nature of Ultimate Reality to manifest

Ultimate Reality or Parama Siva is ‘Prakasa-Vimarsa’Maya. In that state the ‘ I ‘ (Praksha) and the ‘This’ (Vimarsa) are in an undivided unity

“This” or Its consciousness of It as itself is the Vimarsa aspect which is Svatantrya, Absolute will or Sakti

This Sakti has been called as ‘The Heart of the Supreme Lord

In the Supreme experience the so-called ‘This’ is nothing but ‘Self’ i.e. One Self experiencing Itself ´The Sakti of the Supreme is called Citi or para-Sakti or para-vak

As the great banyan tree lies only in the form of potency in the seed, even so the entire universe with all the mobile and immobile beings lies as a potency in the heart of the Supreme

Just as a peacock with all its variegated plumage lies as a mere potency in the plasma of its egg, even so the entire universe lies in the Sakti of the Supreme.


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