Parama Shiva has Infinite Shakti – following are five main ones

Cit – the power of Self-revelation by which the Supreme shines by Himself. In this aspect the Supreme is known as Shiva. The creative aspect of Parama Shvia is Shiva.

Ananda – This is absolute bliss. Also called Svatantrya – absolute Will, In this aspect, the Supreme is known as Shakti.

Iccha – the Will to do this or that, to create. In this aspect, He is known as Sadashiva or Sadakhya.

Jnana – the power of knowing. In this aspect known as Ishvara.

Kriya – the power of assuming any and every form (known as Sadvidya or Shuddha Vidya)

Means to rise from Limited Being to Universal Being

CitConsciousness Shiva——–
AnandaBlissShaktiAnu Upaya
IchhaWillSada ShivaShambo Upaya
JnanaKnowledgeIhsvaraShakto Upaya
KriyaActionShuddha VidyaAnvo Upaya


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