ॐ नम: शिवाय
Sadhana for this week

Know the difference between love and attachment. Love sets you free and attachment binds a person. True Love is when it is clearly seen that there are no others.

Be free from life’s attachments and don’t allow any more negative attachments to occur in your life. Loosen yourself–be free. Attachments bring all sorts of complications. Freedom brings no complications at all. So, that is what we have to do, recreate our lives each second. Become affectionately detached and manifest a greater love through action. Begin at home, with those closest to you, before venturing out among friends and strangers. Let your example be your first teaching.

 Be free from the past; abide in the present; detach yourself from the future; and live in the eternal now. 

ॐ चैतन्यम नमः


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