ॐ नम: शिवाय

Sadhana for this week

Don’t take your thoughts seriously .

1.Close your eyes and feel the thought. Mind is just a continuous flow of thoughts , a continuum, a flux; a river of thoughts is flowing. Feel these thoughts, feel their presence. And the more we  feel, the more will be revealed to us – are they really ours?The more we feel, the less will it be possible for to say that they are ours. They are all borrowed, they are all from the outside.

2.When you silently look at the thoughts, thoughts will be the objects and you will be the looker. You will be the seer, the witness, and thoughts will be flowing before you.

And if you look deeply and feel deeply, you will see that there are no roots. Thoughts are floating like clouds in the sky; they have no roots in you. They come and go. Thoughts are like clouds: in the sky of your consciousness they go on passing and you go on clinging to each one. You say, ‘This is mine’ – and this is only a vagrant cloud that is passing. And it will pass

3.Only the inner silence is ours. No one has given it to us. It has always been here . It was never born and never dies

ॐ चैतन्यम नमः


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