ॐ नम: शिवाय

Sadhana for this week

                “ I AM”

We are now going to get more and more subtle. 

Find the place within you that has never ever changed, that’s been the same for many lives, that feeling that has been the same within you since you were a little child up to this very time. We erroneously conclude we are changing, growing old etc. We view joy one moment, and despair the next and, because we feel so different in these states, assume we have changed. Through meditation/contemplation however, we observe that we have not changed at all. Awareness becomes our real identity, and it is pure and changeless. It was the same at seven years of age as it is today. It is the same in happiness as it is in sadness. Pure awareness cannot change. It is simply aware. 

Therefore, you are right now the totality of yourself. You never were different, and you never will be. You are perfect at this very moment. Change is only a seeming concept created through false identification with the experiences we have. 

Rest your attention on the changeless 

“I AM“ principle as every experience comes and goes.

Om Chaitanyam Namah


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