ॐ नम: शिवाय

Sadhana for this week

              “The Witness”

All meditation techniques have the same goal, which is to make us more aware of being aware itself.

A few essential things are necessary in every technique: a relaxed state and no fighting with the mind. Just watch with a relaxed awareness, without judgment. In reality, a meditative person is playful – life is Leela, the Hindi word for “the play of Life “

The first step  is to learn how to be the witness. Meditation is just “being,” like a little child is. Whenever you can find the time for just being, drop all doing and enjoy. But the next question is: How can I enjoy being with no thoughts? The answer is first to learn how to become the witness.

Start from vismay-yoga-bhumika, be curious like a child who is filled with amazement. 

See clearly, that every experience is made up of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and thought. Nothing else.

It is then due to divine grace one starts to get a glimpse of our true Self. 

Om Chaitanyam Namah


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