(1) Siva Tattva – Initial creative movement (Prathama Spanda) of Parama Siva. His Svatantrya or Absolute Will feels like letting go the Universe contained in Him, the first vibration or throb of this Will is known as Siva.

(2) Shakti Tattva – Energy of the Siva – In Siva tattva, the ‘This’ is withdrawn through the operation of Sakti tattva, so that the ‘I’ side of the experience alone remains. This state is called Anasrita-Siva by Ksemaraja. “Sakti thrown up by delight lets Herself go forth into manifestation.“ All manifestation is, therefore, only a process of experiencing out, creative ideation of Siva. Sakti tattva, ananda aspect of the Supreme is predominant. Sakti polarizes Consciousness into Aham and Idam (I and This) – subject and object. Sakti, however, is nothing separate from Siva, but is Siva. Himself in His creative aspect. Sakti is, therefore, his intentness to create. Sakti is the active or kinetic aspect of Consciousness. All manifestation is, therefore, only a process of experiencing out, creative ideation of Siva. Siva and Sakti tattvas can never be disjoined; they remain for ever united whether in creation or dissolution – Siva as the Experiencing Priniciple, experiencing Himself as pure-‘I’, and Sakti as profound bliss. Strictly speaking, Siva-Sakti tattva is not an emanation or abhdsa, but the Seed of all emanation.

(3) Saddtiva or Sadakhya or Sadasiva Tattva –  The will (Iccha) to affirm the ‘This’ side of the ‘Universal Experience is known as Sadasiva Tattva or Sadakhya Tattva. In that stage, the ‘This’ side of the Experience is hazy like a picture of an artist which is about to be portrayed ´(4) Isvara or Aisvarya Tattva – The next stage of the Divine experience is that where Idam the ‘This’ side of the total experience becomes a little more defined. The experience of Isvara i s : ”This am I.“

(5) Sadvidya or Suddhavidya Tattva – ‘I’ and the ‘This’ side of Experience are equally balanced like the two pans of an evenly held balance. At this stage, Kriya Sakti is predominant.


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