ॐ नम: शिवाय

Kashmīr Shaivism is the path of Divine Love.  It is a direct path which teaches that liberation comes through a sustained recognition, called pratyabhijñā, of one’s true Self as nothing but Shiva . The entire Universe as we perceive is Shakti ( Shiva’s energy) expressing in form. 

“As I walked in the forest preserve today, the entire forest was in me. The river, the birds , the deer, the trees , the flowers ….was in me , there was no separation between the deer and me , infact there was no localized me.

Very hard to describe in words .. even when I got to the parking lot, the cars , the street in me… 

Came home to see , the family in me , the laughter of the children  and this so called this body standing next to them  all in me……,.time had stopped, all was appearing in the eternal now. The relaxed expanded empty space of awareness has not left ever since. All there is , is this self aware  knowingness here .

Tears of gratitude are falling as I write this .. All there is , is love.”

Om Chaitanyam Namah.


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