Five powers of sense-perception – Jnanendriyas or Buddhindriyas – products of Aharhkara.

(17) Smelling (ghranendriya)

(18) Tasting (rasanendriya)

(19) Seeing (caksurindriya)

(20) Feeling by touch (sparsanendriya)

(21) Hearing (sravanendriya)

Five karmendriyas or powers of action. These are also products of Aharhkara.

(22) Speaking {vagindriya)

(23) Handling (hastendriya)

(24) Locomotion (padendriya)

(25) Excreting (payvindriya)

(26) Sexual action and restfulness (upasthendriya).

Indriyas are not sense-organs but powers in which they operate through the sense-organs. In common parlance, they are used for sense-organs

Five Tanmatras or primary elements of perception. These are product of Ahamkara.

(27) Sound-as-such (Sabda-tanmatra)

(28) Touch-as-such (Sparsa-tanmdtra)

(29) Colour-as-such (Rupa-tanmatra)

(30) Flavour-as-such (Rasa-tanmatra)

(31) Odour-as-such (Gandha-tanmatra)


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