(6) Maya and the five Kancukas – From this stage  – ASuddhadhvan or the order in which the real nature of the Divine is concealed. Maya – “Ma” means measure out. That which makes experience measurable i.e., limited and severs ‘This’ from ‘I’ and ‘I’ from ‘This’ and excludes things from one another is Maya i.e. sense of difference, five coverings or Kanchukas of Maya are:

(7) Kala – Limits Universal Authorship(sarvakartrtva) or efficacy ability to produce a desired or intended result.

(8) Vidya – sarvajnatva – limitation with respect of knowledge

(9) Raga – Puranvata – Reduces satisfaction and brings up desire for this or that

(10) Kala – Nityatava – Limitations with respect to time, past present and future

(11) Niyati – svatantrata and vyapakatva – reduce freedom and pervasiveness, limitation with respect to cause and space


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