Liberation according to this system means the re-cognition (pratyabhijna) of one’s true nature which means in other words the attainment of akrtrima-aham-vimarsa – the original, innate, pure I-consciousness.

By this real I-consciousness, one attains Cidananda – the bliss of the cit or Universal Consciousness. The citta or the individual mind is now transformed into Cit or Universal consciousness (vide Sutra 13 of Pr. Hr.). The attainment of this pure I-consciousness is also the attainment of Siva-Consciousness in which the entire universe appears as I or Siva.

According to this system, the highest form of ananda or bliss is jagadananda – the bliss of the world in which the whole world appears to the liberated soul as Cit or Siva.

This liberation cannot be achieved by mere logic-chopping or intellectual pyrotechnic. It comes by Saktipata (the descent of Divine Sakti) or anugraha i.e., Divine grace.


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