The individual according to this system is not simply a psycho-physical being but something more. His physical aspect consists of the five mahabhutas or gross elements highly organized. This is known as his sthulasarira. He has also the psychic apparatus known as antahkarana (the inner instrument) consisting of buddhi, ahamkara and manas.

Buddhi, ahamkara and manas together with the five tanmatras form a group of eight which is known as puryastaka. This is the suksmasarrra in which the soul leaves the body at the rime of death.

There also works in him prana Shakti. This is the divine Shakti working both in the universe and the individual. It is by this Pran Shakti that everything is sustained and maintained.

There is also kundalini that is a form or expression of Shakti. This lies dormant in the normal human being.

Finally there is Chaitanya or Siva in the centre of his being that is his very Self.

Though intrinsically the Self of man is Shiva, he becomes an anu or a limited individual because of anava mala.


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