By the power of her own will Citi unfolds or projects the universe upon her own self.

Svecchaya – i.e. by the power of her own will, not by the
will of another implies (that she brings about the universe) by
her power alone, not by means of (any external) material
cause etc.
Svabhittau means on her own screen (i.e. in herself as the
basis), not anywhere else. She unfolds universe on herself, like a mirror which though no different appears different. By this is meant that existence of the universe ( in citi ) as identical with the light (of citi). By her own power of free will vishwa ( universe) manifests on her self.

In the above example of Screen and the Performer though seemingly separate from each other is just the projection of the performer on the screen. Screen can be compared to the changeless principle i.e. Light, ParamShiva or Universal Consciousness and performer apparently looking separate from the screen is one with the screen always performing the Universal dance of Shiva.

ॐ नम: शिवाय


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