Bhairav Stotra (Divine Hymns) by Acharya Abhinavgupta

Namaste Sharade Devi
Sharada Stotram – A beautiful set of verses in praise of the Goddess of knowledge, learning and music – Divine Mother Saraswati.

A Hymn in Kashmiri by the great poet/scholar Master Zinda Lal Koul. Hara-mukh (Shiva Face) is the name of the tallest mountain visible in Kashmir Valley (17,500 ft) and it is worshipped as the abode of Lord Shiva. The devotee says: I will wait at your door of Haramukh, whatever you ask (as offerings) I will offer to You. If you ask for just flowers, I will offer roses (king of flowers). The cotton (devotee’s mind) and Fire (Divine Consciousness) have unified, I swear my heart has fallen for You. I cannot stand this separation any more – please tell me what you want me to offer to you. Meaning, I have totally surrendered to you and now you guide me to reach ultimate truth.

Okus Bokus is a Kashmiri Lullaby. The word Okus Bokus over the centuries got corrupted from Hukus Bukus which means, who is he and who am I, the creator that permeates through both you and I. Each day I feed my senses/body with the food of worldly attachment and material love (Moh = attachment). For when the breath that I take in, reaches the point of complete purification (Shwas = Breath). It feels like my mind is bathing in the water of divine love (Brahman = is highest Universal Principle, the Ultimate Reality, in Hindu philosophy, it is the material, efficient, formal and final cause of all that exists, po-in = water). Then I know I am like that sandal wood which is pasted for divine fragrance, symbolic of universal divinity. I realize that I am, indeed, divine (Tyuk = Tika applied on the forehead). For centuries this poem has served as a poetic medium to pass down the essence of Kashmiri spiritual tradition to little ones.

LalVakh – sung by Aabha Hanjura – LalVakhs are the poetic verses recited by 14th century  saint of Kashmir  Lallayogeshwari  or Lalded who was the self realized master of Kashmir Shaivism.